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Artist Statement

As an artist, I create because I have to. My goal in creating is not to have a goal - for me, art is more than simply replicating what objects or persons are in front of me onto canvas. Artmaking is about painting through the emotions and feelings within me. Sometimes, there isn't enough black paint, and at other times, I can't be delicate enough with my paintbrush. Through my art, I hope to take others along with me on my journey through emotions, dreams, magic and resolutions.

When creating a work of art, I wait for an image in my mind that inspires me and sticks with me. It can be something I have seen in real life, a dream, or an image that just came to me. Sometimes, I feel the need to paint with a certain color and then, after I start with that color, more colors "ask" to be placed with it. Ofttimes, an image will emerge from this process. In other instances, a clear theme emerges beforehand, and I'll sketch the design first and then begin painting. 

Currently, I am moving even further away from figurative images, and playing more with simplicity, layers and the thickness of paint, and letting slightly "unfinished" works be finished. In my earlier work, creating art was more about how it looked when completed and what the art world would think of it. Today, I'm challenging myself to paint more for me and the enjoyment of the process. I'm also pushing the boundaries of flat canvasses by cutting into them and adding items onto them as well. Just as I am, my artwork is fluid, morphing and welcoming. I'm glad you're here.

Mel Kizior