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I was born an artist - I know this now and I feel incredibly blessed. I've been playing with color and escaping into its magical realms for as long as I can remember. It has provided me with release, inspiration, and endless energy throughout the years when I have heeded its call.

As a child, I created from a place of fun and possibilities, but somewhere along the way, during my school years, I nearly lost this. By learning that "good" and/or "fine art" is only that which is meticulously realistic and meets certain subject-matter guidelines (in other words, I put art into a box), I lost much of my spark and enthusiasm for creating art. It became muffled and I was set adrift. I could not bridge the gap between what I thought others expected or wanted me to create, and what I needed to create and what gave me spiritual and artistic "food."

Then, in early 2016, I was asked to create a piece of furniture for a local fundraiser to benefit the Four Corners Alliance for Diversity in Durango, Colorado - this opened up a new world for me, as well as the floodgates of my artistic flow. As parallel to my personal life at the time, I was learning that I had to become who I was meant to be, both in my life and my art. I found that art was a necessity - like air, food, and sunshine. The time had come. Understandably, I started having visions at that time also, as the major parts of myself started coming together and becoming whole - you can see what art resulted from this, and is still coming. I had to start painting these visions, spiritual experiences and memories. Ofttimes, I am overcome with emotion as I create; this type of art is my food and spark. I hope that you enjoy my creations, and find yourself in them as well.

Thank you for visiting!

Mel Kizior